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Cantineros de Cuba (WT)

Documentary Feature

Can the soul of a nation be distilled into a cocktail?  A documentary about the secret history of ‘El Club de Cantineros ’ – the legendary order of barmen who defined Cuba’s 20th Century. more »

Akwesasne (WT)

Feature film (in development)

A Mohawk family torn between two worlds – life in New York City  and  back on the reservation. more »

Backroads Latin America (WT)

Documentary series, 5 parts

Latin America, mysterious, elusive and hidden in North America's shadow, is a continent of superlatives: The world's biggest rainforest and largest river, the driest desert and  the world's tallest waterfalls. But also… more »

Fintango (WT)


"You best describe the Finnish soul with the tango," says Frans Kärki while he takes his girlfriend Johanna Lahtinen in his arms. He turns her softly and bends her back sensually, spilling her jet-black hair her onto the street… more »