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Adam – Made to Order Savior

Broadcast Premiere: ARTE December 2003

Production: Zero Film
Year: 2003
Genre: Documentary
Length: 45 min
Format: DigiBeta

Review Highlights

"naturalistic... remarkably sensitive..." (Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung11/03)


The film examines the thorny issues raised by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis by focusing on a child "designed" to be a perfect donor for his sister.

On August 19th 2000 Adam Nash is born. He is the first human being that was conceived, tested, chosen in a laboratory to safe his older sister’s life. This story creates a worldwide outcry, spectacular headlines and heated ethical debates. While society asks: How could you? , family Nash asks: How could we not?


Writer and Director: Katja Esson

Camera: Jörg Jeschel, Eddie Marritz

Sound: Mike Jones, Richard Fleming

Editor: Markus Müller

Producer: Thomas Kufus