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Documentary Feature - in Production

When residents of Miami’s long-neglected Liberty Square public housing complex learn about a $307million-dollar urban revitalization project - they brace themselves more »

Cantineros de Cuba (WT)

Documentary Feature - in Production

Can the soul of a nation be distilled into a cocktail? A documentary about the secret history of ‘El Club de Cantineros ’ – the legendary order of barmen who defined Cuba’s 20th Century. more »

American Rivers (Amerikas Flüsse)

2016 · Documentary series: 5 Episodes

North America – a continent of daring and drastic extremes, of conquerors and visionaries, of untamed wilderness and feats of human engineering – and its rivers are a fascinating example. more »

Backroads USA (Amerikas legendäre Straßen)

2013 ·Documentary series: 5 Episodes

No nation is more famous for its roads than the USA. Those in a hurry take the four-lane interstates. But what is there to discover when you take your time and… more »

Poetry of Resilience

2011 · Documentary

"Poetry of Resilience" is a 40-minute documentary about six poets who survived some of the worst political atrocities of the 20th century… more »


2011 · Documentary

The Brooklyn Bridge, the Empire State Building, the World Trade Center: for more than 120 years, Mohawk ironworkers have raised America’s modern cityscapes… more »

NY Confidential - Brooklyn

2011 · Documentary Series

Five documentaries about the ‘faces’ of New York City’s most iconic will air on September 11, 2011, creating a portrait of this extravagant and powerful, alluring yet ruthless metropolis… more »

Das Älteste Gewerbe (The Oldest Profession)

2010 · Documentary/Fiction

A look at one of the oldest professions through the stories of contemporary as well as historical prostitutes from Ancient Greece till Eastern Germany… more »

Latching On

2010 ·Documentary

A quirky look at the politics of breastfeeding in America… more »

We Are New York

2009 · Fiction, Episode The Wedding

We Are New York is a new TV show for people learning English. You will see stories of hope, love, family and friends. And you will learn the English you need to make it in New York City… more »

A Season of Madness

2006 · Fiction

A fairy tale gone wrong about Fatin, a young woman who desperately attempts to escape the golden cage of her arranged marriage… more »

Hole in the Sky - The Scars of 9/11

2006 · Documentary

"Where the towers should be, I see an amputated skyline – a hole in the sky." That’s how Cheryl describes the view from her rooftop in Red Hook, Brooklyn... more »

Gateways to the World: Port of New York

2005 · Documentary

There is no other port in the world that is associated with so much longing for a better life than the New York Harbor... more »

Lost – Hostage Crisis in the Sahara

2005 · Documentary

Algerien Sahara, February 2003. 32 German, Austrian and Swiss tourists slowly dissappear - one after the other. After weeks of uncertainty and the wildest speculations suddenly the horrifying fact: The Europeans are hostages of Islamic terrorists... more »

Siegfried & Roy: A Fairytale for Grown ups

2004 · Documentary

Siegfried and Roy – the most successful show in Las Vegas history. They embody the American dream until the attack of the tiger on October 2003... more »

Adam - Made to order Savior

2004 · Documentary

The film examines the thorny issues raised by pre-implantation genetic diagnosis by focusing on a child "designed" to be a perfect donor for his sister... more »

Ferry Tales

2003 · Documentary

Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Short, Ferry Tales exposes a secret world that exists in the powder room of the Staten Island Ferry... more »

Searching for Sense

2002 · Documentary

Artists and musicians create a mural as an outlet for hope one month after 9/11... more »

Vertical Traveler

2002 · Documentary

The film explores the pioneering spirit of New York City through the metaphoric story of the city’s unique relationship with elevators... more »