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NY Confidential – Brooklyn

Production: Maha Productions/ ARTE
Year: 2011
Genre: Documentary Series
Length: 45 min
Format: HD


Five documentaries about the ‘faces’ of New York City’s most iconic will air on September 11, 2011, creating a portrait of this extravagant and powerful, alluring yet ruthless metropolis, that derives both its freedom and balance through permanent movement.

New York is a vertical city, and it is this verticality that inspired our approach and our films. From uptown to downtown, from the underground of neighborhoods to the summit of towering buildings, from everyday man to high society: all New Yorkers seem to share a common drive for constant renewal and reinvention.


Director: Katja Esson
Writer: Katja Esson, Remy Burkel, Agnès Pizzini, Denis Poncet
Director of Photography: Wojciech Szepel
Sound: Diego Reiwald
Editor: Paula Heredia
Music Supervisor: Olivier Conan
Producer: Denis Poncet