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Ferry Tales

World Premiere: Florida International Film Festival
Broadcast Premiere: HBO March 2004
Academy Award® Nomination 2004

Production: Penelope Pictures / Schenk Productions
Year: 2003
Genre: Documentary
Length: 40 min
Format: DV

Review Highlights

"Sex and the City with real women ..." (CNN)

"Sisterhood in a floating Powder Room ..." (The New York Times)

"Entertaining and moving ..." (LA Times)

"Complexity and literary quality ..." (Süddeutsche Zeitung)

"Beautiful images and interviews that are not easy to forget ..." (Berliner Zeitung)

"Goes beyond the surface to show us the realities of life for the working women. A rare and honest look at the intersection of race and class ..." (Women Make Movies)


Academy Award Nominee for Best Documentary Short, Ferry Tales exposes a secret world that exists in the powder room of the Staten Island Ferry – a place that brings together suburban moms and urban dwellers, white-collar and blue-collar, sisters and socialites. For 30 minutes every day, they gather around mirrors to put on their makeup, talking not as wives mothers, or professionals, but just as themselves. Sassy and honest they dish on everything from sex scandals to stilettos, family problems to September 11th, leaving stereotypes at the door and surprising viewers with their straight-shooting wisdom.


Writer and Director: Katja Esson

Camera: Martina Radwan, Katja Esson

Editors: Sabine Hoffman, Moira Demos

Producers: Katja Esson, Sabine Schenk, Corinna Sager


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