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Lost – Hostage Crisis in the Sahara

Broadcast Premiere: ARTE August 2005

Production: ma.ja.de. Filmproduktion
Year: 2005
Genre: Documentary
Length: 60 min
Format: DigiBeta


Algerien Sahara, February 2003. 32 German, Austrian and Swiss tourists slowly dissappear - one after the other. After weeks of uncertainty and the wildest speculations suddenly the horrifying fact: The Europeans are hostages of Islamic terrorists. The kidnapping drags on for months. Only in August of 2003, after 177 long days and one casualty, they finally regain their freedom.


Writer and Director: Katja Esson

Camera: Jörg Jeschel

Sound: Richard Fleming

Editor: Petra Heymann, Michaela Jordan

Producer: Thomas Kufus


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