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Siegfried and Roy: A Fairytale for Grown ups

Broadcast Premiere: ARTE September 2004

Production: Zero Film
Year: 2004
Genre: Documentary
Length: 45 min
Format: DigiBeta

Review Highlights

"beautiful documentary…" (Tageszeitung 9/04)

"a must see…" (Westdeutsche Allemeine Zeitung 9/04)


Siegfried and Roy – the most successful show in Las Vegas history. They embody the American dream until the attack of the tiger on October 2003. The documentary tells their journey from the German countryside all the way to the Olymp of Showbiz. It takes a look behind the glamour and talks about the price they paid for a life in the golden cage. They are Showbiz but Showbiz owns them, with body and soul.


Writer and Director: Katja Esson

Camera: Birgit Gudjonsdottier, Wojec Szepel

Sound: Richard Fleming

Editor: Petra Heymann

Producer: Thomas Kufus


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